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Pet Food

Pet Food R&D Showcase: October 9-11 2018

This annual event features cutting edge scientific presentations and interactive labs focusing on this year's theme of pet food Treats, Toppers, and Inclusions. At Pet food R&D Showcase, there is always an abundance of opportunities to network with lead suppliers, researchers, and industry colleagues. Previous topics and themes include Ancient Grains and Cereals, Pet Food Treats, and Innovations within the Pet Food industry. 

Pet Food Forum

Pet Food Forum is an annual Pet Food workshop put on by Watt Global Media that will take place in Kansas City, Mo April 23-25, 2018. At this three-day workshop there are opportunities to meet with industry professionals from all over the world, learn the latest pet food trends, discover new tools for success and share ideas.Kansas City, Mo. is known as the Animal Health Corridor, and the strategic location of this event will give attendees access to more than 300 animal health companies located within it. KBED will be participating, so come check out booth 507!

Pet Food Event: Advancing Global Competitiveness

This event, held April 11, 2018, showcases Kansas State University’s growing expertise in the pet food industry by providing faculty, staff and regional companies an opportunity to hear updates on pet food initiatives and participate in a discussion on how K-State can provide solutions to industry challenges. 

Petfood Showcase


Research Showcase at K-State Olathe: May 16, 2018

This event will allow attendees to find out how K-State's research strengths are aligned with their needs, can solve R&D problems and develop long-term strategies, as well as hear testimonies of successful collaborations. The registration deadline is May 1, 2018.

Research Connections

Research Connections is an internal event that allows researchers at the university to share and present their findings to one another. This is meant to foster collaboration across disciplines and promote innovation partnerships at the Kansas State. This year's event will take place at K-State Olathe on May 16, 2018.