Why Kansas State University?

Kansas State University is your partner for Innovation, Talent and Professional Development. 

1. Innovation 

Innovation is the key ingredient to solving industry challenges of the coming decades. Finding new ways for businesses, government and universities to partner is essential given the scope of the challenges faced in today’s competitive market. The Grain Science Complex, Biosecurity Research Institute and National Bio and Agro-defense Facility are among the many facilities that provide world-class research and training space needed to produce innovation that will propel the world into the future.

2. Talent 

Kansas State University experts conduct world-class research spanning across all fields of study. Industry partners can fill talent needs with access to our expertise and developing a human capital pipeline to your organization. From talent acquisition to talent development, Kansas State University can provide a depth of resources to complement internal efforts.

3. Professional Development/Training 

Kansas State University is the only university where undergraduate and master's certificates and degrees in food science and related areas can be earned from a distance through Global Campus.